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   51.  Mortgage rates 'could be set to rise'
   52.  Boiler scrappage scheme launched today
   53.  Landlords and buyers 'may see reduced mortgage margins'
   54.  Rentals could go up as 'more Brits adopt European attitude'
   55.  Halifax: Housing affordability has improved
   56.  Rural property prices 'shown particular resilience'
   57.  Property prices 'will continue to rise'
   58.  North 'only region to see house price falls'
   59.  Rental sector 'could offer gains'
   60.  'Year for landlords' in 2010
   61.  Advice on key trends for 2010
   62.  LTV improvements predicted for 2010
   63.  'Landlords and tenants benefit' from government repossession action
   64.  Financial incentives for eco-friendly property owners
   65.  Landlords 'will see opportunities in 2010'
   66.  Super speed broadband 'available by 2012 Olympics'
   67.  Tenancy deposit scheme freezes VAT
   68.  Countryside property owners 'at higher risk of crime'
   69.  Consumers 'could be shocked' by winter fuel bills
   70.  Commercial landlords 'not offering payment flexibility'
   71.  Homeowners advised to protect against Christmas fires
   72.  Property market 'still on the way down'
   73.  Discretionary mover figures 'decrease'
   74.  First-time buyer figures drop to one-year low
   75.  NLA: 2009 was a challenging year for landlords
   76.  TCPA: Eco-towns are a unique opportunity
   77.  Helping hand for landlords wanting to green-proof properties
   78.  Landlord fined £1,000 for 'sub-standard property'
   79.  Conservatives plan £6,500 grants to improve property
   80.  NLA supports housing allowance rethink
   81.  Landlords advised of property investment 'hotspots'
   82.  Interest rate drop 'improves' landlord mortgage market
   83.  Rics: Property demand exceeds supply despite price rise
   84.  NLA: Private landlords confused by digital switchover
   85.  Private landlords called on to support communities
   86.  Landlords may benefit from 'cheaper online fuel plans'
   87.  'Fewer estate agencies than one year ago'
   88.  Action needed against 'needless repossession'
   89.  Financial rewards for environmentally friendly property owners
   90.  ARLA: Challenging year ahead for landlords
   91.  Boiler scrappage scheme 'not enough'
   92.  Landlords and homeowners warned 'property is not a game'
   93.  Tenants demanding 'green' property, landlords advised
   94.  ARLA: Pre-budget report makes 'no real difference' to landlords
   95.  Tenants 'rent a lifestyle', landlords advised
   96.  NLA: Landlords could see end of unpaid water bills
   97.  AXA: Christmas shock if landlords fail to protect pipes
   98.  Property market in recruitment drive, says house builder
   99.  NLA: Private landlords and tenants losing out thanks to LHA
   100.  Top-selling household appliances 'not performing' says Defra

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